Our Famous Chalkboard Globe!

Who would have guessed that such a simple, yet lovable accessory — our fabulous globes — could become so popular.  They’re getting nearly as much attention these days as dare I say, Kate Middleton?!  No press agent or publicist here!

First, our playful yet elegant blue and black Planet Earth globe made it’s fashionable debut in none other than, Harper’s Bazaar, in their holiday gift guide.

Now the globe’s all-black “twin” — the Chalkboard Globe — (this is definitely the more playful of the two, since you can actually draw on it with chalk!!) has made an equally as exciting debut in Spirit Southwest Airlines magazine.  Talk about getting some “air time”…

There’s no competition here, these globes are sure to suit a multitude of tastes!  Shop The Well Appointed House for these and many other fun home accessories!

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