Things we Love: Christian Louboutin’s Paris Window! Lit Up Letters!

On my trip to Paris a week ago, I quickly stopped by the Christian Louboutin store at 68 rue de fauborg St. Honore and wanted to share a picture of the bright, colorful, lit-up letters in the store window.

The carnival inspired display caught my eye for obvious reasons (how could it not — it’s a bit eye catching!) but also because we sell these letters at The Well Appointed House.  Here are a few of my favorites!
These charming 24″ letters come with white lights and are available in every letter of the alphabet!
Hot Pink Lighted Letter, $60 (a big price difference because they are smaller in size and have fewer lights)
Here are some more that we like!  We’ve got all shapes and colors!  Check out The Well Appointed House and bookmark “New Items” to see these and other fabulous new things!
Lighted Letters!

The Well Appointed House by Melissa Hawks. Lime Lighted Letter
$60 –

Create a fun, Louboutin-inspired area of your dressing room!  Enjoy!

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