Wallpapers: Colors and Patterns

One thing that’s always amazing to me is to see a wallpaper or fabric up close in a designer showroom -it’s usually a whole other thing entirely to see it actually installed in the space.  When selecting a design, it’s surprising how little the actual pattern has to matter.  Sometimes people can over think things and get hung up on the small details and often it’s the whole picture that has the greater impact.  I can sometimes separate myself from the details of a pattern and can focus more on the color combinations and how they will work in a specific space, with varying light and furnishings that will complement the textiles.  Here are some good examples:

We love the Majolica Blue and ivory in Scalamandre’s “Ouistiti” fabric (Sku 16234-001) It’s 100% Cotton printed chintz and while one could get distracted by the monkeys (which I think are actually quite charming), they are a whimsical minor detail that completely complements the greater pattern.  “Ouistiti” pronounced “wee-stee-tee”, is French for “little monkey”. The design was Inspired by a French document from the early 19th century.   This charming toile design depicts monkeys at play.  Monkeys have been around for centuries in design.  Coordinating wallpaper in this patter is also available, and it’s fun to now take a few steps back and see this pattern in green actually installed in a room:

Here’s another great one.  You might not think you’re much of a cat person, and might initially be dismissive of Scalamandre’s “Kilkenny Cats”, but you’re sure to give this room a double-take when you see the wallpaper up and the whimsical balloon shade in place!  Take a few steps back to see how elegant it can be when done right:

A paper like this, Scalamandre’s “Tarbert Roses” from the Irish Georgian Collection,  might look like something you would have seen in a presidential ladies suite or powder room…when paired with subtle coordinating fabrics on the bed and upholstered case goods, it can convey sophisticated feminine charm!
If the repeat isn’t huge, you can make the pattern work well no matter what the subject matter! 
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