Chinese Garden Stools

I’ve always loved Chinese garden stools, sometimes known as “garden seats”.  They can be quite beautiful in design and color and can really add to a space.  These ceramic or porcelain accessories can be used as end tables, coffee tables, outdoor garden seats or purely for decoration.  You might not always notice them in room shots because like any good accent, they can blend well, but there is no limit to their functionality!

Mary McDonald used a sage one in this family room, which was featured in House Beautiful Magazine

Christopher Maya placed an ornate garden stool in this family room he designed, which was featured in the June 2007 House Beautiful.

Photo: Peter Vitale for Veranda 

This one is soft and delicate and really adds to the other pieces in the room!  This room was designed by Shannon Bowers of Dallas, TX and was shown in Veranda.

Photo: Peter Vitale for Veranda

Here’s another light and airy limestone foyer.  It a scene from “Bambu Villa”, a historic home on the island of Jamaica that interior designer Charles Faudree designed for an Oklahoma couple.  The turquoise stool has a more elaborate design and adds a nice contrasting pop of color to the orange we see on the couch and in the artwork.  It’s the perfect balance of color!

 Photo: J. Savage Gibson for Coastal Living
Pretty white garden stools at the foot of beds. 

They also look great in outdoor settings — around a pool or in a seating area!
There are so many options!  Here are some of my favorite garden seats from my website, The Well Appointed House:

Chinese Garden Stools

Blue and White Round Lotus Stool
$400 –

Blue and White Four Seasons Garden Stool
$400 –

Yellow Drum Garden Stool
$398 –

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