Elle Decor: Courteney Cox’s Private Retreat & Photographer Massimo Vitali

I’ve particularly enjoyed the July/August 2011 issue of Elle Decor.  Courteney Cox’s private retreat in Malibu, California — is stunning.  The midcentury two-acre home sits high above the Pacific Ocean, providing incredible waterfront views.  Her property encompasses guest cottages, a tennis house and court and a pool.

The actress, who is probably most known for her role as Monica Gellar on Friends — and most recently, Cougar Town, moved from her last home which afforded her little privacy, to this one which is nestled far from the prying lens.   Her outdoor spaces are inspiring (and a bit mouth watering – rarely do I feel envious when reading a magazine spread but her views will get the best of us).

I can imagine her having a casual BBQ with best friend Jennifer Anniston on a Sunday evening chatting about Jen’s latest love.  Or sitting around the fire pit with friends and cast mates discussing script changes or ideas.

(Elle Decor photos by Simon Upton – see article here)
Of all the interesting furnishings, rugs and decorative objects she has placed around her home, the one thing that caught my eye immediately was her Massimo Vitali photograph, which hangs on the wall in her kitchen’s sitting area.
I’ve been admiring Massimo for a few years now and I’ve thought about adding one of his photos to my personal collection.  I can’t quite explain what it is about his photos that draw me in, but draw me in they do and somehow I am captivated.
Massimo Vitali was born in Como, Italy, studied photography in London, was a free-lance photojournalist and began working on his beach scenes around 1995.  He went from doing large scale photographic works (such as this one) to gorgeous beach panoramas depicting the life of beach-goers.
  Here are some of my favorites:
Check in with me in a few months – I might join Courtney as an owner of one of these lovelies! I hope you’ve enjoyed them! 
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