The Kids Are Alright

Fashion Ave is New York’s constant runway. While going to and from work I’ve seen some pretty interesting outfits (not all of them good) however the other day I saw one of my favorites and it came from someone not tall enough to ride Space Mountain at Disney World.  This little girl was wearing cut offs, a cute boho floral top and sparkle converse sneakers.  She was carrying a Mood Fabrics bag, holding her mom’s hand and WORKING it.  I wish I had a business card on me to give to her and tell her to call me when she was ready-and old enough- for an internship.  Then I realized it is so easy to be a well dressed kid today with so many trusted designers doing some adorable pint size collections.

Stella McCartney brought her London luxe aesthetic to America with her Gap Kids collaboration.  I mean… can we talk about those military jackets? Very Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, no? Photo.  Another designer whose dudes I adore, Michelle Smith, brought her preppy-polished eye to the kid’s club with her Mini Milly Collection.

I want all this for myself!  Michelle didn’t have to shell out a lot of cash for her models; all the girls for the collection were classmates of her young daughter.  Really cute!  Shop the Milly Kids section here.
Leave it to J.Crew, the arbiters of American cool, to make the kind of kids clothes you want to wear. Well actually, the kind of kids clothes you already do wear.  Crewcuts takes J.Crew staples, shrinks them down and adds a dash of whimsy.  You never have to worry about fighting your kids on what to wear when you fill their closets with this brand.
Future heartbreaker… guard your daughters..
Every father’s worst nightmare, right here. 
When you dress your kids as well as this, their rooms have to match!  Luckily enough The Well Appointed House has you covered with a fun selection of contemporary furnishings, a vast array of themes and toys so fun, you’ll extend playtime five minutes to join. Be sure to check out Melissa’s entire Children’s collection, most of which she either has in her home or has had her own kiddies test out! If they have such cool threads, they need the proper place to store them, it’s only fair mom!
-Gabrielle Katz
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