L’Amour Fou

I attended the premier of L’Amour Fou at the Tribeca Film Festival this past spring and was absolutely blown away by the fashion, interiors and enduring love story that was at the core of this Pierre Thoretton documentary.  

Yves Saint Laurent is one of my all time favorite designers because he was able to take menswear staples, give them a feminine shapes and somehow revolutionize the way women dress.  To get a glimpse of how he created his empire was worth the price if admission but fashion quickly took the backseat as the center of the story revealed itself to be the auctioning off of Saint Laurent’s incredible collection of antiques and art by longtime partner Pierre Bergé.  Bergé, who was also Yves’ business partner, spent the duration of the movie recounting their life together as he prepared to sell some truly breathtaking and sentimental pieces. 

Their Parisian home is unlike anything else.  It is the culmination of great taste, much success and a true love for life and one another. I could go on and on about the famous paintings and original, craftsmanship, but really… it’s worth a look for yourself.  Take a tour below:

What I love about their aesthetic is how seamlessly they pair modern art and clean lines with overly decadent and ornate traditional pieces.  The way Yves Saint Laurent decorated is a lot like the way he designed, taking something that has always been a classic, adding an unexpected element and making it an original.  Feeling inspired? Shop The Well Appointed House’s collection of French Country decor and pair it with something unique from our curiosity shop.   Be sure to show us how it comes out!

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