Collector of Art & Curiosities: Samantha Boardman

I have recently become quite addicted to 1st Dibs! Occasionally when I should be working to select new products for my retail site, The Well Appointed House, I instead find myself searching for antiques for myself on their site!  A purchase I made last week was this French painted and gilt wood carved center table with marble top and original paint from 1880.

  It’s always a treat to get a look inside the homes of others in the shelter magazines and it’s especially fun to see the melding of fashion and interior design in the homes of the fashionistas, socialites and models who grace the pages of Vogue Magazine.  The women they feature are always beautiful, have a unique and interesting career or family lineage and have their own distinct interior design style.  Which brings me to the APT with LSD feature in Vogue on Samantha Boardman’s apartment.  You’ve got to see her collection of art, vintage pieces and her eclectic cabinet of curiosities! Aside from being a chic mom and prominent fixture in the NYC social scene, she’s a physician to boot!  Dr. Boardman is a psychiatrist who graduated cum laude from Harvard and Cornell Medical School.  Not bad!  We like her style!
The long hallway at her apartment features a collection of Andy Warhol’s portraits of drag queens.
On the table she has a glass-enclosed biosphere by artist Paula Hayes, a William de Koonig painting on the left wall, surrounded by two Richard Prince paintings.
A close up of the biosphere
Damien Hirst statue in front of a Francis Bacon painting.
Samantha’s children sit next to Warhol’s Del Monte and Campbell’s soup boxes stacked neatly.
The library.  Hanging above is a plesiosaur skeleton that they bought at Bonham’s auction house.
An ornate matador outfit hangs in front of the windows of the library.
With an American Museum of Natural History feel, her library contains such finds as these penguin dioramas that were purchased from John Norwood Antiques and skulls sculpted by Damien Hirst (the silver one) and Andreas von Zadora Gerlof (pink).
A corner in the library.
Her husband’s office – dark with splashes of red.  The red lips above the mantel are by Tom Wesselmann.
Working hard at his Daddy’s desk!
There aren’t many children romping around a playroom stocked with Warhol portraits like the Boardman children do!  Samantha noted that her husband had been collecting them for a long time.  They play pool and ping-pong in this room!
This is a one-of-a-kind conversation piece!  It’s a Maurizio Cattelan sculpture of a donkey with a series of animals perched atop its head!
The living room.  You’ve got to love her originality!  They have a Jeff Koons dog hanging from the ceiling…to the right a colorful Cy Twombly painting.
Her outdoor space.  The Boardmans were married here in 2005.
All photos of the Boardman apartment by Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue Magazine.
Check out some of my favorite curiosities at our very own Cabinet of Curiosities at The Well Appointed House.  Enjoy!
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  1. ann chamberlain

    Hi,I normally love your blogs. However, I do take exception to the very dead donkey, dog, cat and bird perched on one another as a sculpture. I do know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this is taxidermy not a sculpture.

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