Fabulous Framed Wall Art at The Well Appointed House!

We’ve got some fun framed wall art at The Well Appointed House….something for every taste and style!
Here are some favorites!  

Paule Marrot Wall Art at www.wellappointedhouse.com

Paule Marrot Clouds Reproduction, $750
Paule Marrot Pink Birds Reproduction, $750
Paule Marrot Spring Reproduction, $750
Paule Marrot Blue Maze Reproduction, $650
Paule Marrot Daisies Reproduction, $550
Paule Marrot Adele Reproduction, $190

Our Paule Marrot prints have been a hit lately, but if you’re looking for something different in terms of color, shape or material, check out some of our other options:

  In the photo above is a traditional Gold Framed Chesapeake Bay Painting, $265.  It’s great for a nautical inspired room, in a library or at a summer home.

For a bright, punchy and more modern room, check out our Orange and Green Moddled Contemporary Framed Print Collection, $175 each
If you like black and white or sepia toned photography, see our Framed Auto Racing Prints, set of 10 (they can be ordered separately).  We also have vintage black and white Hollywood prints and fabulous photos of horses in similar frames.
We’ve got plenty of whimsical wall art options, too!  Check out this charming Three Wise Monkeys Collection, $340
If you love fun, colorful vintage travel prints, we’ve got plenty and that start at just $85 and up!
We’ve got hundreds of options on our retail site
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