No Power? Get your Girls Outdoors with The Daring Book for Girls

Still stranded with no power? Got girls? With no electricity to charge our ipods, ipads or video games and with no computers or internet and still a week to go before school starts in many regions of the East coast, get your girls outdoors and have them open their minds with the Daring Book for Girls. Get them excited for some old school adventures like playing hopscotch, board games, ball games, “I spy”, card games, building forts, having treasure hunts, making friendship bracelets, baking mud pies, making a lemonade stand, birdwatching creating obstacle courses and more! Let’s not forget the details of a spectacular Japanese tea ceremony for girls!

Written by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz, who grew up in the era of banana seat bikes, no cable, no internet, no ipods and few video games (as I did!) and in a period where girls actually babysat other kids to make money and had to be creative in entertaining children, the book conjures up memories of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s which wasn’t all so bad! It’s a must for every girl’s bookshelf!

If you’ve got younger kids, as I do (2, 5 and 5), run to Barnes & Noble or your local toy store and pick up an old classic like Connect Four! I played that and “Race to the Roof” with my two five year old girls on Sunday, when we were hunkered down with no electricity due to Hurricane Irene! Another fun one that we all grew up with is Operation.

There is still a lot of fun to be had by the youngsters with no electricity to power our minds! Enjoy!

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