Powered Down by Hurricane Irene

Greetings from Greenwich, CT and Bridgehampton, NY. Due to Hurricane Irene, I have been without power now since Sunday (in Water Mill, specifically) and with no internet, to boot! I have been trying to login and work from my ipad, but it seems that the AT&T 3G service was a bit overloaded over the past few days, given the hundreds of thousands of East coasters with no power who have all likely had the same idea and have been trying to work from ipads.

As soon as I am up and running again, and can upload photos I took of our yard after the hurricane, I’ll share those. We lost a few trees, but thankfully had no serious damage. We did, however, lose a cherished and favorite weeping cherry tree that hung over our driveway in such a magical way (it truly had me at “hello” when I was house hunting and first drove up the driveway at what is now my home and saw this tree. It had such a majestic quality and seemed to have been transplanted from the set of the Wizard of Oz or some other far off and heavenly place — the tree seemed to almost beckon people in and I had tears in my eyes when I saw it tumbled down and splayed across the drive after Irene and her fury passed through. ‘She’ was one of those irreplaceable and priceless landscape delicacies that a lover of gardens can only hope for, but thankfully we had no loss of human life and for that, we are thankful and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered devastating losses during the storm.

Until then, please remember to sign up for our dog bed giveaway! We will hold the drawing as soon as we have regular internet service again! Scroll down to enter! Good luck!

Also, please be aware that we are having a Back to School 20% OFF kids furniture sale at The Well Appointed House, www.wellappointedhouse.com
This includes desks, cribs, bunk beds, kids beds, nightstands, etc and yes, to answer the question of many, we will include desks listed in the adult section of the website (lucite, too) since those can be used in tweens rooms as well.

Happy Shopping!
-Melissa Hawks

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  1. Fashion-isha

    Wow such a pain that you had to deal with that! But like you said, thankfully you’re ok. It was pretty bad here on the Jersey Shore and I got lucky and never lost power. It was a real blessing. Hope you get everything back online….love your posts!

  2. condo manila

    I heard that hurricane Irene destroyed a lot. But I am hoping also that everything will be fine. I am happy that you look fine now. Big thanks for sharing. God bless.

    Charles A

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