Scalamandre’s "Zebras" Wallpaper at Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton

Friday night, my husband and I popped out for a delicious meal at Almond restaurant in Bridgehampton, NY. The bistro was abuzz and seated next to us was Katie Lee (ex-wife of Billy Joel, celebrity chef and cookbook forward to last night – Saturday – and who dined near us but Billy Joel at the American Hotel). The vibe of energy in the evening air at Almond was enhanced by the pop of red at the back of the restaurant and the wallpaper was none other than “Zebras” in Masai Red by Scalamandre. Those of you who are in the design world would have recognized the paper, as I did, much as anyone would spot a celebrity seated at a nearby table.
Please forgive my cell phone photo here, but you get the idea:

The wallpaper has been around for years and is a signature branding element on the main page of the Scalamandre website.
The design says “Scalamandre” much like “tissue” says “Kleenex”…

According to Morrison Polinghorn, “Scalamandre’s iconic Zebra pattern dates to the late 1930s in New York, premiering at Gino’s restaurant on Lexington Avenue. Flora Scalamandre designed the art deco wallpaper especially for its shoe-boxed sized premises, stying zebras with arrows representing a hunt. Its striking contrast of black and white zebras on red background proved a hit. Later, the design was offered with alternative green, yellow and brown background hues. Quixotically, the original screen cutters forgot to engrave a stripe on the rear leg of the smaller zebra. A conscious decision was made to retain the missing zebra stripe to this day.”

The paper has made its appearance in film as well! Remember this scene with Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tannenbaums, or the one with Anjelica Huston?

Designer Kate Spade used the paper in her own guest bathroom in the Serengeti Green color way (image from World of Interiors):

Miles Redd used the paper in a bathroom featured in Elle Decor:

The chic design has also been made into umbrellas (contact us at customer if you would like us to order one for you) and style-setter Kelly Wearstler has been spotted out and about in LA with hers:

There you have it, “Zebras” is a classic! If you’re in the Hamptons, swing by and check out Almond restaurant and see a modern-day eatery using the famed wallpaper!

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  1. The enchanted home

    Funny bumping into them both on 2 consecutive nights. My good friend just put it up in her kids playroom, whats really neat is that its a huge room and she did 4 walls in 4 different colors! It came out great……really fun!! I think in the right room it can be great looking.

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