Fall Trend Report: Hats Off

Hats are having a big resurgence for Fall this season and fashionistas all over are rocking the look no matter what their personal style.

Whether you are a fashionable celeb like the ones pictured above or a young fashion girl who regularly gets snapped by fashion photographer Tommy Ton there is no doubt that this is the season of the hat.

Whether you want a floppy fedora or a tight cloche there is a style out there to flatter everyone.  This gray rabbit-felt Gucci fedora has a menswear look but can be ultra femme with a flowy long skirt and a cropped sweater.

This Eugina Kim hat evokes the same floppy, dramatic fedora feel as the Gucci one but has a dark green color, perfect for fall and is accented with a leather band and gold studs to toughen it up a tad.
For a demure lady like approach to the hat trend this Stella McCartney wool felt cloche will make you feel like Daisy Buchanan.
A skinny fedora can seem overdone at this point, and let’s face it, once Brittney Spears gets known for a trend, most will want to stray away from it, but this fedora continues to look luxe and fashion forward with its angora fabrication and skinny leather band.
This burgundy color is ideal for fall and I love its super floppy brim makes it perfect for weekend brunches.
Not to mention, the price is fantastic!
So, we want to know, will you be rocking a hat for fall and if so, which style?
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