Luxe Children’s Christmas Gifts! Check Lead Times & Order Early!

If there is any time of year when you can splurge a bit to see delight on a child’s face, it’s Christmas and Hannukah!  Holiday demand and lead times can leave some out in the cold when orders aren’t placed in time, so we wanted to feature some of our favorite, unique luxury gifts for kids that must be ordered early to receive them by the holidays.

We’ve got some of the most beautiful toy boxes around and what better way to showcase new toys than with one of our hand painted, made-to-order toy boxes.  These have a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks, so order now!  We love the Alice in Wonderland hand painted toy box and our Big Top Circus Toy Box, among others! 
There are many theme options in the “hand painted” (heirloom) quality category such as the toile and enchanted forest motifs, which are shown above.  We also have some less expensive options in the $150-$200 range, which serve the same purpose and are just as popular!  These options have a quicker lead time:

Holiday time can be a great excuse to redo a child’s room in a special way.  Here are some more of our favorite items that would need to be ordered well in advance (now) to ensure holiday delivery and installation.   Do your own “holiday bedroom makeover” and create a magical space for sleeping, playing and learning.  Check out our bed, daybeds and bunkbeds:

We’ve got fabulous personalized gift totes for boys and girls:

We’ve got fabulous personalized holiday outfits for the little ones – perfect for holiday Christmas card photos!  All of which should optimally be ordered soon for arrival before Thanksgiving and in time for holiday photos:

Playhouses and play tents get backordered every year, so order early!  They are always a hit under the Christmas tree!


Just a few ideas in terms of your holiday “timing”!  Be sure to check lead times now for your favorite items!  Year after year we have disappointed parents calling and wanting to order that special toy box or custom bed and we always have 6 to 8 week lead times!  Good luck!

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