Screenspiration(TM): The Royal Tennenbaums

One of the most underrated stylish movies of our time is the cult classic The Royal Tennenbaums.  I’m unsure if it’s Gwyneth’s, excuse me, Margot’s mink coat, Lacoste Dress and Birkin Bag look or the vintage ’80s scene Wes Anderson so beautifully creates (most likely equal parts both) but this film perfectly captures classic American style in a quirky and surprisingly fresh way.
Set in a townhouse in New York City’s Upper West Side, the Tennenbaums are each extraordinary  in their own right.  Royal, the father is an accomplished lawyer, that is until he is disbarred and he separates from his wife, Etheline, an archeologist. Their children Chas, a financial whizz and accomplished chemist, Margot, a playwright at eight and Richie, a tennis prodigy, all grow to become sad, uninspired versions of their former selves.  The interiors match the plot; all the furnishings are weathered and old while it is apparent that they were once shiny and grand.

This Scalamandre wallpaper is quite well known in the design world and works perfectly set in Margo’s bathroom and throughout the set as another quirky addition. 
To get this look for the home, eclectic is the key word.  Mix and match different materials, fabrications and themes to create a worn in, authentic space.
This vintage map of Monaco could not be a better fit for this story.  Academics all, this large map would’ve fit in to Ethel’s study and the solid wood frame would add to the character of the space.  A great addition to bring into any home.
The more wall art the better in this case.  Choose different frame sizes and shapes as well as what mediums are in the frames and hang in groupings on a large wall.  This vintage black and white horse sketch is a completely different genre than the map but they still work together as they both have that aged, vintage feel.
This grand chandelier looks like the one hanging in the Tennenbaum’s dinning room.  The brass accents and the traditional “candle” lights contrast beautifully against the bright white crystal strands. The whole piece is both old and new in one.
This London Chesterfield leather tufted sofa is another Tennenbaum inspired piece. This worn in, luxe leather piece evokes a vintage, Americana feeling that fits the bill for keeping the overall look. This Polo 6-Drawer set as a similar effect.
Some other accents that also coordinate:
This Hand Painted art cabinet looks like something Mrs. Tennenbaum would’ve had in her study. Totally done by hand, this is an excellent example of the unique pieces you will find at The Well Appointed House.
And lastly, could there be anything better suited for this Screenspiration than this toy Zebra?  The Royal Tennenbaums have continued to be an inspiration in the fashion community.  On top of bringing back a sense of cool to Lacoste, most recently Tommy Hilfiger has used the film as an inspiration for their ads, which are just genius.

The movie is a definite inspiration for both the home and wardrobe.
-Gabrielle Katz
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  1. Teresa

    I agree. Sometimes the story is not the most important in a movie but all those tiny details that capture our attention and mind for a while.

    It happens with me in several movies where a kitchen, some stairs or a to-die-for console make me enjoy a movie when most people loathe or hate… and then I say “Well, I quite enjoyed it. There are some precious details on it” and they stand there gaping at me… and I know they missed that and I’ll have to see it again alone ;). or with Hilfiger if he’s available LOL

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