Paul McCartney’s ‘Ocean’s Kingdom’ Upstaged by Stella’s Costumes

The other week I was so excited to attend Paul McCartney’s new ballet at Lincoln Center, Ocean’s Kingdom. Granted going to the ballet has a certain New York City romance that makes any girl’s stomach flutter, the promise of Sir Paul’s first foray into the art coupled with his daughter, Stella’s, first efforts as a costume designer I had great expectations.

Unfortunately I found the music to be soft, the dancing to be okay and the story line to be overdone.  Paul McCartney is a Beatle! I expected a little infusion of rock from one of the greatest living musical legions or at least some sass in the story.  The premise goes a little something like this: Honora is the ethereal Princess of the sea who falls in love with Prince Stone from the earth kingdom after his older brother comes to invade Honora’s kingdom. Well, the Evil Earth king kidnaps Honora for himself and guess who has to save her?  In the interest of not giving up the ending I’ll move to the only thing that really kept my interest: the costumes.

 Stella McCartney is one of the few star-children that has been able to keep her familiar name and yet set herself apart.  Her clothing label is beloved by stars, editors and the harshest fashion critics alike.  Inspired by the contrasting worlds, she was able to create costumes that coincided with her father’s vision but were also beautiful clothes in their own right.

Honora and Prince Stone

 Paul and Members of The Earth Kingdom
The colors were amazing; she was able to play with the expected blues and greens of the sea and infuse them with a rainbow bright accent palette that luckily acted as another character.  When adding to the characterization of the Earth Kingdom soldiers she played with an intricate  tribal design in browns that were complimented by some fierce headpieces. In Paris for this year’s Spring 2012 show McCartney presented a collection she described as being about “freshness and fitness.”  I had to wonder how much of Oceans had slipped into her inspiration.

 This season definitely seemed like it was all about the sea with flowing silhouettes, blues and greens and curves that resembled waves.

She was able to make “the sea” wearable, functional and also completely modern and fresh.  For seaside inspired products, be sure to visit The Well Appointed House and shop our impressive collection of Beach House Decor
With all that being said it was a visual stunner and having someone like Paul McCartney write and score a ballet is only good for the industry and New York.  

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