Sunburst Mirrors on the Wall & Above the Mantle

Sunburst mirrors have experienced a surge in popularity over recent years and I thought it would be fun to give you some ideas for using these sunny creations on the wall or above your mantle.

This photo is from the Greenwich, CT home of Leslie Anderson. Interior design by Alex Papachristidis. An elegant cream canopy hangs from the Lord Mountbatten Tester Bed in the master bedroom with a stunning Sunburst mirror from John Rosselli Antiques on the side wall. (photo credit: Thomas Loof). The gilt mirror is like that favorite chunky gold necklace that you pull out of the jewelry box to bring the whole outfit together before you head out for that cocktail party you’ve had on your calendar. It’s the icing on the cake, the window dressing, the crowning glory. No room is complete without a sparkly mirror – whether in gold, silver, lacquer or in a rich, wood finish.

This entryway was designed by Ned Marshall and features a knockout hot pink sofa against walls painted Benjamin Moore’s Bittersweet Chocolate. Marshall painted the floors in a tone-on-tone gray marbleized plaid and of course we see a beautiful sunburst mirror strategically positioned on the wall. (photo credit: Kerri McCaffety)

Here, designer Betsy Burnham (a client of The Well Appointed House) used a bone sunburst mirror from Blackman Cruz, a Murano dresser from Mecox Gardens, and an upholstered chair covered in Tashkent silk.
(photo credit: Grey Crawford)

This Italian 18th-century gilt and silvered sunburst mirror was bought at a Christie’s auction — it came from a New York home that Albert Hadley had decorated. The rays have a variety of gilding colors, so it’s warm and undulating, perfect for a bedroom mantle.

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My favorite “of the moment” sunburst mirror is this one that I am currently selling for just $158. It’s an amazing price point and will add some pizazz to any space! Sometimes it’s fun to hang a petite sunburst mirror over a sink or in a wet bar for some glam! Order now, quantities are limited!

Happy Halloween!

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