The Well Appointed House Gift Guide: Co-Workers

Some of the toughest gifts to shop for can be those for co-workers.  You either have to deal with price caps or office politics and who wants to be known as the person that gave a $10 Starbucks card?  For our first holiday gift guide, here’s some of our top picks to gift to your office mates.

The good ol’ gift cap.  It keeps you from dropping major monies for each one of your co-workers but it also makes you highly susceptible to passing out snuggies and let’s just be honest, the snuggie had it’s moment… moment over. Above is this 12 month desk calendar from  our Dabney Lee collection.  An obviously useful tool to have on hand at the office, each month features a different patter and color combination to keep things fresh.  Perfect at $25! 

These buckets are great for holding pens and other little desk nick-knacks.  They are also customizable, monogram ready and start at $12.
This Jonathan Adler iphone case is available in a multitude of pattern options and also meets that under $20 frame.  Giving a present like this sows you appreciate your co-worker enough not to give a throwaway gift and that you have a savvy-chic eye.

For a boss or an assistant you may particularly want to give something special to, these Dabney and Lee desk accessories are thoughtful and meaningful.  Above, this letter tray is a chic organizer which you can completely customize down to the recipient’s initials.  Below is this fabulous desk blotter, which adds some serious style to a workspace. Not only is it the ultimate landing pad for all your most important papers, it also has a monthly calendar to keep you organized.  

 Be sure to order all your personalized items ASAP to ensure they get there in time for the big gift exchange! Now, let’s hope all your co-workers read this! -Gabrielle Katz, The Well Appointed House

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  1. Lily Lemontree

    I love these suggestions, especially the little buckets! So cute, just perfect for someone’s desk!!
    I have always had a hard time when it comes to co-workers. No one ever wants to look cheap but if you work in a larger office, getting something nice for everyone could break the bank and leave you with a wallet in a very sad state! LOL!

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