A Holiday Card from Me to You!

It’s that time of year and if you’re like me, your mailbox is brimming over with the cheerful smiles of friends and family arriving on Christmas cards of every shape and size.   Some families are pictured on summer vacation and others are shown festive in their holiday best.  Traditional, die-cuts, embossed, engraved, collages, single shots, glossy, matte, black and white or bright color — no matter how you receive them, the message is there.  Someone took the time to take the photos and make the cards.  Then there’s the addressing, the licking and the stamping all done during the busiest time of the year!

Here’s my 2011 holiday greeting.  Happy Holidays!

This year my holiday card was done by Cathrine White of Rye, NY.  Take a peek at her website, Cathrine White Photography.  She’s done some amazing work.  I’ve also spotted one of her Christmas cards on Lee Woodruff’s website

There are many creative ways to showcase your holiday cards as they arrive in the mail.  Here are a few ideas!

How do you display your holiday cards?
-Melissa Hawks
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