Creating Fabulous Outdoor Holiday Arrangements in Urns or Pots

It’s that time of year and if you haven’t started putting out your holiday decorations….it’s that time!  I am recycling below a post I did two Christmases ago on how to create holiday urns.  Take your outdoor pots, remove any dead Fall mums or flowers and fill them with holiday greens!  Here’s a “How To” that I created for you all:

1.  Fill urn with topsoil if it has none

2.  Organize your greens in piles so that you can work efficiently.  Buy varying sizes and textures, to add dimension to the arrangement.  Get some ‘droopy’ greens that you can drape over the edges of the urns to give softness and buy some stiff, taller greens that you can place at center.  Be sure to get varying heights as well so that you can build the arrangement as you go.

3.  Start working from the outside in, filling as you go.

4.  As you begin to reach the center of the circle, start placing the taller greens (boxwood stems and others) there to give height to the arrangement.

5.  Once you have reached the middle section, you can get creative. In past years I have used red or burgundy sticks to be festive.  At local stores in our area, you can buy glitter covered sticks in many different colors.  This year, I decided to introduce some gold into my main arrangements (by my front door). 

6.  Place the colored accents sticks at middle.  In my case, they are covered in gold glitter and glisten in the sun and moonlight in the evening.  They are magical!

By a side door to my home, I did another, smaller arrangement.  In this one I incorporated some red botanical accents to the arrangement.  Be creative! You can add just about anything to the greens.  Use your imagination!

2011 Update:  I did that post above in 2009 and another great option is to buy the little mini-spruce trees, place them in your pots and do the greens shown here around those trees.  Then you can top your mini-trees with battery operated Christmas lights for quite an effect.  I did that on mine this years and will post pictures soon!
-Melissa Hawks
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  1. New England Fine Living

    Beautiful! I love how simple touches add an elegant flair. I just did something similar at a client’s business. I am so glad the soil, in the urn, was not frozen during the process (it has happened to be in years past). I can’t wait to go through your blog.

    PS Found you on Twitter 🙂

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