Entertaining & Fashion: The Hostess Gown!

A charming article on the hostess gown ran in this past Sunday’s Style section of The New York Times.  Alexandra Jacobs did a piece on this “now defunct garment, popular from the 1930’s to the 1970’s” – which was worn by well appointed hostesses to greet her dinner guests in style.

As Alexandra points out, the hostess gown was a billowy, oversized dress with a forgiving waistline, so that the lady of the house could kick up her heels and lounge comfortably in her home on large throw pillows while entertaining, with a cocktail and long, lady-like cigarette in hand, no doubt.  Engaged in relaxed conversation one minute and heating appetizers the next – or firing up the fondue pot, for that matter.

ABC Photo Archives, via Getty Images
Associated Press

Donna Reed in a hostess gown in 1964 (at top) and an Oscar de la Renta evening caftan from 1963 – both images from Jacob’s article in the New York Times.

Well, times have changed — but it looks like there are still some good options around for hosting in style. Read Alexandra’s article to see where some modern day Donna Reed’s get their hostess ensembles.  One that was not mentioned is the “Signature Hostess Gown” from a great website called Society Social, which I think you should check out!

Roxy and her team at Society Social have created a fabulous, floaty and very “mingle-worthy” full length hostess gown for $165!  Order it in one of seven colors for your next party!  Enjoy!

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