Setting your New Year’s Eve Table

New Year’s Eve is next weekend and it’s time to ring in 2012 in style.  If you’re going to be hosting your own celebration, get your sparklers ready and take a look at some fun ideas we’ve gathered for you!

This is a great one from A Taste of Home.  Gather your best clocks from your nightstands and bureaus (feel free to borrow a few, too!) and place them around the table to make a festive and timely centerpiece.  You can set them all to strike at midnight or just leave the sounds of excitement to your guests!  The clever touch in this table setting is the wristwatches used as napkin rings!

Here’s a great all-white New Year’s Eve table styled and decorated by Caroline Anderson and Sofie Lawett.  Its simple elegance allows the focus to be on the candlelit, serene evening atmosphere once the lights are dimmed!  
Here’s a playful clock cake, posed to strike at midnight!  Pick up some gold icing at your local baking store and you can do this yourself!  No Fiona Cairns baking skills required!
This was a cute idea – put rock candy sticks in the champagne glasses for some added fun and whimsy!
No New Year’s celebration is complete without a fabulous kiss!  Here’s a cute quote that we came across on the internet.
Here’s a great photo from Flickr.  It’s New Year’s Eve, NYC, 1965 by Joel Meyerowitz.
Here’s another classic, and one that should serve as inspiration this holiday!  It’s none other than Hollywood couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss in 1961. 
I’ll close with this.  Enjoy your New Year’s Eve planning!
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