The Flower Ladies & The Alexis Mabille Spring 2012 Couture Show

I’ve always loved this watercolor by talented California artist Harrison Howard.  It’s a procession of what he refers to as the “Flower Ladies” and it’s called “The Festival“.  The picture is like a fantasy garden fashion show featuring gowns like you’d expect to see floating down a Christian Dior runway.  Perhaps Alexis Mabille took some inspiration from Mr. Howard in inspiration for his 2012 Couture Spring Show.
Each outfit was all one color and each model’s face was painted a bright hue to match.  The best part was that each one had an enormous tissue flower placed atop her head to match.  Though the designer said that he took inspiration “from a photograph of iconic model Lisa Fonssagrives on a beach, her face suffused with pink from the sunlight coming through her umbrella” (see image here) — I think you can’t help but note the uncanny resemblance to the gorgeous limited edition prints we sell at The Well Appointed House by Mr. Howard.    Take a look below:


Photos: Alessandro Viero /

The interaction between art and fashion can always be seen on the runway!  Enjoy!
-Melissa Hawks
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