Downton Abbey Mania

When Ralph Lauren chose the theme to PBS’s Downton Abbey to open his Fall 2012 show it was official.  The world has gone crazy for the British period drama centered around a wealthy family and their staff who cohabitate the palatial home named Downton Abbey and between the high fashions and high interiors it’s not hard to understand why.  Lauren stretched his all-American aesthetic a step further with this collection infusing the an English huntsman sensibility.

These clothes are to drool over, and so are the interiors of Downton.

Although set in during the start of World War I, the overly traditional and ornate setting can still be applied to modern day decor.  Incorporating elements like upholstered damask walls, traditional chair frames, over the top chandeliers and gold leaf accents can bring that aristocratic charm to your space.  Get the look with some key pieces from The Well Appointed House.
A little stool like this can make a powerful impact and definitely falls under the traditional look with its handwoven upholstered top and hand carved woodwork.  Its the perfect little piece for a small space.

This gold leaf mirror has a royal opulence and worldly feel to it with a hint of chinoiserie charm.  The Downton set is full with wall art and mirrors hanging on almost every inch of wall; a trend to incorporate into your space no matter what theme in your house.

To get the Downton Abbey look you don’t need anything overly traditional, just pieces that have that quality and craftsmanship that sets it apart.  These hand decoupage lamp with gold accents fits the bill. 
Other wall accessories like this set of gold leaf wall brackets.  Switch up the decorative accents they hold depending on your mood or decor necessities and get the look with eclectic charm.

No grand space would be complete without an opulent chandelier to make its mark.

This Gustavian Bergere Chair has that traditional feel yet with many different custom paint options for the frame you can create a tailored made look that brings an old world feel to your space. The light ice embroidered upholstery is a great option to keeping things light, which is key to achieving the Downton look without looking outdated.  The Well Appointed House has many traditional pieces for the modern place, check them out here! –Gabrielle Katz, The Well Appointed House
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