Fiat Jolly – The Ultimate Beach Ride!

One of my favorite blog entries from the past was the one I did on Nantucket beach cars.  I took the photos myself and had a lot of fun when I was on Nantucket grabbing my camera when I spotted a favorite.  If you haven’t read the entry, check it out here.  Beach or “summer” cars are always fun to see and especially fun to ride in or own.  There’s nothing like having an open-air car for long, leisurely drives along the coast!  Imagine yourself with a gorgeous Hermes silk scarf in your hair, wearing fabulous oversized sunglasses,  and with an equally gorgeous significant other seated with you, on your way to lunch at Eden Roc.

Take a look at the simply charming cars below –the Fiat “Jolly”.  They almost look like some of the pedal cars we sell for kids, only they were very real cars intended for adults!   They were also called La Spiaggina or the “beachette” (how apropos!).  They came with wicker seats and were used as beach cars, estate ’roundabouts’, yacht tenders and golf carts.  Since there were so many beachfront cities and resorts along the Mediterranean Sea, these beach buggy cars became quite popular. Celebrities such as Airstotle Onassis, Yul Brynner and the late Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli used them.  They were sold in the United States between 1958 and 1961 and remained popular through the late 60’s.  (They weren’t inexpensive)  The cars came in pink, coral, white, pale yellow and sky blue.

This is a more modern day version — the Fiat Panda Jolly.  It tootled around the island of Capri a few years ago, shuttling VIP tourists around to their various destinations.  Adorable!  Do any of you have a fabulous beach car?
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