Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris

I received an email in my inbox yesterday from Vogue with the subject “Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris”.  I had to open it, because it brought back a memory of staying at the Ritz Paris just last May and dining opposite Kate and her boyfriend in the garden.   In the April issue of Vogue, editors and photographer Tim Walker give readers a glimpse of Kate Moss in couture at the Ritz one last time before it closes its doors for renovation.   It was fun to see Kate in the spread by Vogue in all of the places we dined — I love her fabulous hat in L’Espadon, where we had one of our best meals on the trip.  Read the full Vogue article here.


The first floor spanning “Imperial Suite”.  This was the room that Karl Lagerfield took over for his 1996 couture collection.  There are fabulous tales in the article of Lagerfield, Valentino and others staying at the Ritz during fashion week each year.

Wow!  It’s the “Flower Room”at the Ritz.  If you’ve ever stayed there, you’ll know how spectacular the flowers are and now I know where they come from!  Vogue explains that floral designer Djordje Varda leads a team of five florists who arrange 10,000 blooms each week.  There is nothing like fresh flowers!

Kate Moss in the Coco Chanel suite bathroom wearing Balenciaga.  I wrote last year about the fabulous bathroom I had at the Ritz Paris – read the article here.

Kate Moss wearing Armani Prive in the Coco Chanel suite of the Ritz.  
Kate wearing Giambattista Valli – I love this photo because you see how grand this hotel is, how huge the rooms are and just how tiny Kate Moss is.
As if Kate’s romp through the Ritz in this article isn’t fabulous enough, the editors take you back in time through the Vogue archives to past features on the Ritz!  Look at this fabulous sketch by illustrator “Eric” for Vogue’s August 1936 issue showing women in hats at the Ritz Bar:
Check out the full archives here.   I miss the Ritz already and can’t wait to see it renovated!  The renovation will take 27 months and from what I hear, the entire staff will be laid off during that period.  The hotel was founded in 1898 and it has only had one renovation, in 1979.  It’s time!

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