Stairway to Style

Stairways are literally the connecting force in the house, which means they are the perfect spot to define your home’s style and leave an impact. Here are some examples of homeowners who got it right in showing their personality and creating a cohesive look.

The stairs here don’t overpower the space and allow the other accents, like the rug and fabulous console and bench to take the spotlight, however it also isn’t a throwaway.  The upholstered stairs still leave way for the black painted wood to shine through, which picks up nicely with the amazing tiled floor.

 Absolutely love the idea of mixing up different wall art in different sizes and compositions.  The detailing in the avant garde banister is another lovely touch.  Shop the insane collection of wall art from The Well Appointed House to get inspired with some mixing and matching of your own.

Try mixing a black and white framed photograph that moves….

with a portrait with a twist….

and a classic still with…

a print that makes you look twice.

A strong sense of color is what really makes these two examples shine.  The black lacquer is super chic while the pop of pink is unexpected, charming, bold and very modern.

 Get that ultra modern look with these chairs that make a statement all on their own (but would also look killer next to the right stairway).

The iconic egg chair would fit in perfectly tucked next to a spiral stair case that demands attention.

The Mimi chair brings in an element of the traditional with it’s wood base and clean ivory upholstery, but it’s unique shape makes it one of a kind.

This stainless steel staircase is a great idea for a man’s den.

 Lastly, one of my favorite from above, this stairway eases into the room it’s apart of and the non-fussy shades of white with black and white photographs makes for a very zen-chic space.  Which are your favorites? –Gabrielle Katz, The Well Appointed House

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  1. Mel@georgica Pond

    That first staircase/entry hall is the most perfect thing and just the inspiration I have been looking for. Thank you, now I know what mine needs.

  2. Giana Forzareli

    You images of the stairs are amazing! I love how each picture displays its own unique design. I am current renovating my house, leading me to look for some inspiring ideas. I cannot wait to find a spiral stair that fits my home. Thanks for the motivation! Keep posting great things.

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