2012 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse Post #2: Charlotte Moss Goes "Behind the Hedge" – Blogfest

This is a follow up post on the Press Preview I had of the 2012 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse last week as part of Blogfest.
I’ve  long been a fan of designer and collector extraordinaire, Charlotte Moss.  She has been involved with the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse for many years and her rooms are always a treat.  Perhaps it’s the implication of mossygreen that almost seems naturally intrinsic to her name (no pun intended!) that made the crisp green and white sign over the doorway beckoning us in to the “Master Bedroom” seem so right.  

At first glance we see a fabulous piece of framed art from her namesake collection for Soicher Marin of what appears to be a a Downton Abbey-like manor house with perfectly manicured gardens and boxwood.  The art sits atop natural timber-like hallway wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek.  The woods and greens encountered at the door set the tone for the room Moss designed.  One can’t help but want to walk inside!

The sitting room almost feels like an indoor/outdoor space and features fabulous faux boxwood hedges from Lexington Gardens in NYC.  The walls are covered in a luxe green velvet from Arabel Fabrics.   One definitely gets the feeling they have gone “Behind the Hedge” to a magical spot to read and relax with a cup of tea.    The room has more over sized framed art from Soicher Marin and furniture from the Charlotte Moss Icons Collection for Century Furniture as well as antique pieces.  There is a delicate oriental rug from Sacco carpet and of course fabrics from the Charlotte Moss collection for Fabricut.   She has become the Martha Stewart of interior design, with eponymous fabric, furniture, art and carpeting collections.  

Her custom lampshades are from Diane Studios and if you like the elegant porcelain flower arrangement that she has perched on a wall bracket next to the sofa – it’s by Vladimir Kavensky.  I remember seeing his work at the NY Gift Show this year.  He has lovely pieces!  
I’m a fan of birdcages and we sell some beautiful ones at The Well Appointed House.  Charlotte and her team have made this room the perfect spot for an oversized bird cage and if you notice, they have filled the inside with moss and left the door ajar.  It almost seems like a miniture room one could shrink and enter after leaving this magical place.  They have left books to read for room guests and the overstuffed armchair and sofa are just cozy enough to be perfectly inviting!  Elegant Fortuny pillows from David Duncan Antiques grace the sofa.

The bathroom carried through the “Behind the Hedge” theme – which could almost be part of the Alice in Wonderland movie set with the green hedge and oversized wildlife artwork “Le Lion…” over the tub.  The garden theme continued with the Benjamin Moore paints she used – “Peaceful Garden” as the bathroom wall color and “Perfectly Pistachio” as the trim color.  How apropos! I enjoyed the beautifully embroidered (in a lovely lavender) Leontine bath linens folded and ready by the bath.  Nothing welcomes guests more than clean towels, a candle and nice bath soaps!  The bamboo side table is from John Rosselli.  I truly enjoyed touring this space!

Photos Copyright Melissa Hawks

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  1. dmagazine.me

    I do love this. Especially the “green” walls. I could never get away with these touches she does so eloquently throughout, but boy oh boy they are adorable.

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