Fabulous Teacher Gifts

It’s that time of year and we’re in the homestretch before the end of the school year.  Here are some quick ideas for fabulous teacher gifts.  If you’d like to order any of these, email us.  We don’t even have all of these on our retail site, The Well Appointed House (some have links below), but refer to this post and we’ll help you get orders in!  It’s always nice to surprise a great teacher with something special at the end of the year after all of their hard work with your children!

We love these fun clipboards and school house inspired letterboxes! 
This personalized picture frame and letter box is perfect for an Algebra teacher!
Here’s a cute letterbox and we can take any of the designs we have on our site and put #1 Teacher on it!
We love this Apple Teacher’s Stamp as well! At $40, it makes a fun gift!
These are just a few ideas.  Enjoy, but get your orders in Monday.  School ends soon!

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