My Preview of Justin Timberlake’s HomeMint Collection

Yesterday,  I was in New York City where I visited with international style icon and superstar Justin Timberlake and his interior designer, Estee Stanley, to preview their new collection of home goods called HomeMint. The duo have partnered to not only create and curate this new collection, but have also launched an interesting shopping experience at  Members can join HomeMint for a monthly fee and receive discounted pricing on purchases.  Upon joining the website, users take a quick survey that establishes their “Style Profile” and each month, Justin and Estee select the perfect pieces to match the users style.  Shoppers can also browse the entire collection, but recommended picks will be highlighted.

Upon arriving for our visit at the Mercer Hotel, I was instantly curious about their relationship and how they came together to form HomeMint.  Estee has been a long time friend to Justin and happens to be his interior designer.  He said that she had worked on his homes and joked that their “relationship has gone on farther than it should have” and that “when we’re not at work, we both like to drink together”.  Clearly the two get along well.  All joking aside, Justin noted that they have a similar aesthetic and that’s basically why the collaboration works.  JT mentioned that he really likes “layering” when bringing a room together.  In terms of the obvious question we all had (why has he embarked upon this project) he noted that this “curating, creating and layering is not too dissimilar to writing a song or playing a character”.  Both Justin and Estee noted that they are driven by classic, old world inspiration and are not necessarily driven by trends. Here’s a peek at their story:

Justin noted that there is nothing like a woman’s touch in a home — but that there is nothing girly in the collection.  He has added a very slight masculine touch to the collection – to the dinnerware, cutting boards, blankets and throws -and has brought his love of photography to HomeMint.  He has not only curated the collection, but taken some of the photos himself.   Justin has debuted two of his Manhattan collection pieces with HomeMint.  Shot using front lighting, one is called “Uptown” and one is called “Downtown”. Only 50 pieces are available of each and they are signed by Justin.  

He noted in the interview yesterday that he knows so many artists, sketch artists, photographers, etc. that people wouldn’t know about or hear about (he said a lot are in Los Angeles) and part of the fun for him is introducing shoppers to these great sources at reasonable prices.  One fun one is photographer and internationally renowned professional surfer Daniel Fuller.  Justin selected a fabulous photograph done by Daniel of of the beach at 3 a.m. using a unique technique, priced at $149.99.

HomeMint includes a private collection (pieces created exclusively by the duo), unique finds (hard to find pieces and rugs), art (by Justin and emerging artists) and collaborations with artisans from around the world.  Their website includes linen day blankets and towels by Brahms Mount (A textile weaving company based in Hallowell, Maine), tableware by Canvas (A New York based design company dedicated to sustainable designs), Bedding, Towels and Table Linens by Matteo (an LA based design studio and workshop), Baskets by Medina (hand woven in villages in Morocco, Ghana, Mexico and Bangladesh from renewable palm fibers) — and Pillows by HomeMint.  The pillows are designed by Justin and Estee and are manufactured in Los Angeles.

My favorite from their “Private Collection” were the “Coco’s Vintage Pillows”.  The fabric used to make these pillows was cut from vintage Chanel Haute Couture fabric that Estee found hidden in a Los Angeles fabric shop.  Very unique!  She said that she got 100 yards of the Chanel fabric, so these are limited in quantity.

Here’s another pillow made of natural fibers that was at the preview yesterday, available for sale on their site:

You’ll have to visit the site for yourself to check it out.  Let us know what you think.  Please post comments below.  Photography from this post may not be copied or pinned. 
As I was leaving the Mercer Hotel, I noticed the papparrazi starting to descend…perhaps a hotel staffer tipped them off that Justin was inside!  Here’s a shot I took of them!

-Melissa Hawks

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