Gold Medal Style: Catch The Olympic Spirit at The Well Appointed House

Olympic fever is sweeping the nation and with the games in London this year, the city made famous by  the royal nuptials and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, will be represented by athletes who will be judged as much as on their performance as their style. The home team will be sporting designs from none other than hometown favorite Stella McCarthy as they hit the field.

 McCartney took a more modern approach and made a decision to dump the classic union jack red in the flag and instead opted for a more abstract interpretation. Undoubtedly, stand out Brits like Andy Murray are going to look extra sharp in these new dudes.

The Americans on the other hand will be dressed in the good ol’ red, white and blue in classic Great Gatsby inspired outfits from, of course, Ralph Lauren.

This year’s look is not without controversy.  RL has caught a lot of heat for outsourcing the Olympian’s uniforms to China.  Wherever they were made we have to admire the stark white bottoms and perfectly tailored, all-American navy blazers.  Accented with a red, white and blue tie or scarf the look is completed with a… baret?  Though maybe not the most American topper (I think we can safely say we may have dodged a bullet with no cowboy hat) take a look at some past styles to see how our team compares.

In the 1900’s our Olympic team was more rag-tag, white and blue than anything else!

Twenty years later it looks like we are finally getting our acts together!

 By 1952 the American team was looking the part of gold medal athletes.

And finally in the 60’s we got a little more dapper.

 But in 1964 we couldn’t go without those cowboy hats!
 There’s nothing more American than having Levi’s design our team uniforms, which was the case for the 1984 class of Olympians. 

In 2004 we showed our playful side in a fun and youthful outfit by Canadian retailer, Roots.

(Photos via fashionista)
And in 2008 we enlisted the help of the help of the designer who portrays the American Spirit, Ralph Lauren.
With all the Olympic excitement building here are a few of our favorite gold medal products for your home, from The Well Appointed House!
A contradiction in colors, this golden, coral candlestick is the perfect accent to a stark, clean space or is a coordinating sparkle to a glam beach house. 

Nothing is more Olympic in spirit than a solid golden Greek key, which is what this statement table lamp embodies.

For a more modern, minimal approach to adding gold decor into your home, this Dransfield and Ross pillow is just the ticket.  Add to your all white couch or add to a moody chocolate scheme for a chic and warm feel.  This pillow also comes in three different sizes.

Banish the dorm room disco-ball decor with this ultra polished gold shimmer pendant. 18 inches in diameter, this lighting fixture is perfect to make a statement in an apartment living room or to hang in a trip across a dinning space for the ultimate lounge-like feel.

Sometimes the best pieces come in the most unusual packages, which is the case for this liquid gold hanging pendant.  This contemporary light adds high style to every room it graces and is an example of an extraordinary piece available here at The Well Appointed House.  For more gold medal decor click to shop here!
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