The Great American Tradition: Summer

Americans are nothing without their traditions and Americans have a tradition of doing summer right.  We are known for our love of the beach, surf, sand and of course… the swimsuit.  A swimsuit is just about as American as our flag (fashion-ly speaking)!  Vogue recently did a retrospective of some of their most iconic swim moments, which we just can’t get enough of.

 Karlie Kloss, the Ballerina turned model, is nothing but elegant in her one piece and head scarf.

Rewind to B.B.- before bikini.

 Love just about everything in this picture…
 The look back…
 We call this patriotic chic.

 She makes a swim cap look fierce. 
And then of course we have Christy just hanging out, dripping in jewels and Hermes.  Not too bad…
We owe our dominance in the swim culture in large part to legendary photog Slim Aarons, who captured some of American society’s most prominent families doing what they do best- enjoying the life aquatic. 

 Photos via Google
Aarons managed to capture both the alluring and pure side of seaside lounging through his lens and created the backdrop to American summertime culture.  An Aarons photograph can go for an upwards of hundreds of thousands but you can capture the look with some fab wall art from The Well Appointed House.
Our nautical friend gets in on the bikini action in her coordinating green top.  This framed art is ideal for a beach house with a more maritime motif. 

When it comes to all things beach, they really do have more bounce in California.  These vintage scenes create a retro, kitschy feel, you’ll want to keep up all year round.

Each print, including this fantastic Atlantic City print are all available with a coordinating wood frame or a chart option in different sizes.

And then of course, for the little sun-goddess in training, a framed piece of art for her room that is as cute as she is!

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