Decor Crush: Designer Veronica Swanson Beard

It’s a known fact that designers who design clothes have strong feelings about their interiors, and, vice-versa.  Those who are distinguished tastemakers become so because of their daring choices and signature sensibilities.  Veronica Swanson Beard, the woman’s clothing designer, embodies just that.  Harper’s Bazaar went into Beard’s West Village apartment last year and what they found was a woman whose strong sense of colors and mixing mediums carried over into her signature ready-to-wear collection.  Take a look inside!

The master bedroom is both exceptionally traditional with the drapes above the headboard and yet displays a modern simplicity at the same time.
The designer at home in her kitchen clearly isn’t afraid of color in her wardrobe or interiors.
Style tip:  an interesting and unique mirror adds an unexpected element of chic.  Try it in your home with one from The Well Appointed House:
An extra large statement piece like the one in Swanson’s home.
Add a little enchanted forest feel to a traditional space.
Or a little pop of funky with in a strong accent color.

Mixing an animal print with a bright color isn’t the norm, but when done correctly, like above in Swanson’s living room or below in one of our favorite stools, it can go a long way.

Even outside in her patio the designer is impeccably glamourous. Check out The Well Appointed House’s array of chic outdoor seating options here!
Beard’s consistencey in her aesthetic is evident in her Spring 2012 collection.  Check out some of our favorites here!
Her collection, like her home, is a mix of mediums, prints and colors yet retains a classic and modern feel.  Check out more of what Swanson has in store for fall here.
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