Jetsetting: Cape Cod – Centerville, MA & Osterville, MA – Where to Go

If you are Cape Cod bound and will be passing through Centerville or Osterville, here are some of my favorite spots.  My parents have a summer home there and so I’ve got the inside scoop:

No pun intended, but if the scoop is what you’re after, you absolutely must make a stop at Four Seas Ice Cream.  It’s the third oldest ice cream shop in New England and considered by many to have the best ice cream in the country. (I have never had any complaints and when I’m in the area, we go every day).  What you might not know is that they make the most delicious, robust lobster sandwiches (not rolls) that you can get anywhere.    You can find them at 360 South Main Street in Centerville, MA.  The lines will go out the door and may be 20-30 people deep, but the college students working behind the counter work efficiently (tip them!) and the line moves fast.  It is well worth the wait!

Another favorite spot of mine in Centerville is the 1856 Country Store!  It’s a “must” for kids!  “Democrats to the Left” and “Republicans to the Right” read the benches out front.  It’s charming in every regard, from the window boxes to the flag buntings that hang from the roof.  They have penny candy, newspapers, gifts, baby items and more.  The little red store started out in the 1840’s as a storage barn for cranberries and by the 1850’s, had evolved into a general goods store.  It’s the perfect spot for kids and their sweet tooths!
Photo Bob MacKinnon

While in Centerville, there are plenty of beach options.  Craigville Beach is charming and open the public. My family prefers Dowse’s Beach — which is great for swimming and kayaking.  However, a permit is required there.
If you are heading over to Osterville, favorite spots for golfers are the Wianno and Oyster Harbors golf clubs.  My family loves seafood, and we love popping over to Wimpy’s Seafood Cafe & Market.  The restaurant has over 200 seats and take out is available.  We love their lobster rolls!  It’s got that down home, Cape Cod feel!
When I was in Osterville a few weeks ago, we ate at Five Bays Bistro, which was also good.   It is lively and has good energy! I brought my children and they even made a friend sitting next to us, so children are welcome!
If you want to take a pretty drive – check out the town of Osterville and then head towards the water!  My mother and I love to do this route, listen to music and chat: take East Bay Road down to Sea View Avenue, all the way to the end (until you hit water) – turn around, go back and retrace your steps and this time instead of heading back to East Bay, instead turn left on Wianno Avenue and head back into town.  Perhaps you’ll make a stop at the Osterville Village Cafe!  Sit on a barstool at this old fashioned soda fountain and make some friends!   It’s a beautiful drive and be sure to check out the Wianno Club. Here are some photos – it’s gorgeous!  Enjoy!
Our next entry will be on Hyannis and Hyannisport! Stay tuned!  What could be more fun than Cape Cod in August?
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  1. carolyn bradford

    Oh, this makes me want to be there so badly! I’ve been twice but now our children are grown and they are dying to go as well! I could certainly use a lobster roll right now! Thanks for sharing these great tips as well the beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!

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