Quadrille Fabrics At The Well Appointed House

Nowadays one of the hottest word in the world of fabrics is Quadrille.  These fun, quirky fabrics are popping up in some of the hottest homes being photographed today. People are attracted to their bright colors, funky designs and casual-chic appeal.

 The sofas are upholstered in a classic Quadrille print. I love just about everything in this room.  Including that little girl- so sweet!

 The bold check floor paired with Quadrille fabrics, bright walls and traditional horse paintings is an inspired way to pair the old with the new.

Even on walls, these prints create a lot of drama while looking polished and pulled together.

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Love what you see?  Join the club and check out the below.  The Well Appointed House is now offering an array of Quadrille pillows in different sizes, patterns and colors perfect for adding a little something special to your space or add to your Quadrille inspired room.
This pillow is the classic Quadrille Aga print in a fun, bright pink.  Also available in a chic chocolate brown.

This Quadrille Volpi pillow, available in green and turquoise, takes the trend in a little more abstract direction.  Great for the modern space. 

Obsessed with this Ikat and Quadrille red and white pillow.  If your space is Americana or a little more country, this the perfect piece to incorporate the trend into your home.
Absolutely stunning.  For those with more of traditional sensibilities, this turquoise and navy pillow is a winner. 

On orange and magenta linen, this might be our favorite yet!  These are some of our favorites, but check out the entire collection here for varied sizes, prints and colors!

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