Crack The Holidays at The Well Appointed House: Steinbach Signed Nutcrackers

The holidays are officially here and that means that many of us are crawling through the dark attic searching for our favorite keepsakes that remind us, it’s Christmas.  There are certain tchotchkes that are staples to holiday decor — the undisputed king of all being the Nutcracker.  The Christmas Nutcracker, as we know it, originates back to the 19th century and has stood the test of time as one of the most beloved accessories, rarely used for its actual intention… saving a fortune on dentist bills while trying to crack those pesky nutshells. The most highly regarded manufacturer of Nutcrackers is the German craftsman, Herr Christian Steinbach, known as the Nutcracker king.  The Well Appointed House carries his line of collectable, quality creations that you’ll pass down throughout generations.

As traditional as you can get, this Nutcracker guard features classic solider garb with hand painted accents that make him the one you’ll remember season after season.

Another holiday figurehead you’ve grown to love as a child is the Old King.  He’ll reign over all your other cherished keepsakes!

Of course when you think Nutcracker at Christmas, you can’t help but think about the ballet, and this adorable Ballet Mouse Nutcracker is an icon straight from the stage. 

All hail the great St. Nicholas! This gorgeous caricature brings a boost of holiday cheer to your traditional display.    

Of course, you can personalize your Nutcracker to suit your family’s hobbies, like with this skier Nutcracker.  Perfect for your family’s ski house or a present for your friends who love to hit the slopes! 

This Russian Grandfather Frost Nutcracker is truly something special and a collectable you will have for all time.  Displaying the finest in Steinbach detailing and craftsmanship, this piece epitomizes how special the whole line is.  Each Steinbach Nutcracker you purchase from The Well Appointed House comes signed to ensure the one-of-a-kind factor of each.  Visit our entire Nutcracker section here! ~Gabrielle Katz

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