Holiday Baking Fun!

With just two full days left before Christmas, we thought we would share some fun cooking projects to do with kids before Santa slides down the chimney!  These are a few of our favorites:

Who does it better than the crew over at Martha Stewart.  Take a look at her adorable Igloo Cake.  Who knew that marshmallows and marzipan could be made into such a confectionary work of art!

With older kids and pre-teens, you can try the Coca-Cola inspired Snow Globe cupcakes.  Head over to for an incredibly creative baking project that requires cutting the tops off of little Coke bottles, rolling fondant to make the polar bear and carefully positioning cola-shaped gummy candies for a cupcake like nothing I’ve ever seen before!  It’s not for the faint of heart, but certainly is adorable and sure to keep older kids busy for an afternoon!
Get your kids excited for Santa’s long trek from the North Pole with these fun cupcakes from Jenny’s Cookies.  Pop in some candy canes topped with Skittles or M&M’s and a little sign and you’ll be all set!
Make some Sugar Cookie Ice Cream – yum!  It might even be better than Peppermint ice cream!
Make some fun Snowman Cookies with cream cheese and sugar:
Why not get creative with your cookie decorating!  How about these delightful doors with wreaths?  Tres chic!
If the kitchen has heated up this holiday weekend, why not make the always charming Melting Snowman Cookies? They are always popular!
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