Holiday Inspiration!

Just as you would with any home design project, when it comes to choosing inspiration for how to dress your home for Christmas, you’ll want to take a look at how your most trusted tastemakers do it.  We’ve compiled some helpful images!
Recently First Lady Michelle Obama, joined with her girls, welcomed this year’s White House Christmas Tree.  It will be exciting to see how the above transforms into the below!

Another first lady whose taste, grace and style is the standard of many American women, Jackie Kennedy knew how to trim a tree (with no surprise).
Jacqueline Kennedy with children Christmas morning.  Photo. 

 Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy at Christmas in the blue room. Photo
Caroline and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, 1970, wrapping presents under the tree.  Photo
Interior designer Miles Redd, knows how to take a chic, everyday room and make it a holiday oasis. 

Adding a large wreath, plush poinsettias and fresh green garland are simple ways to make a big statement in your space.  Visit our wide selection of holiday wreaths and borrow Redd’s idea of bringing it inside!

Setting an enviable table can be simple (and inexpensive).  Tip: fill vases with acorns and choose different size candles and candleholders for a more rustic feel.  Pair with a festive holiday napkin, like this linen hemstitched set in green.
Here is an artfully done Christmas scene from The Tartanscot.  

 From our friend’s at Lonny, some more untraditional holiday images.  The above suggests you trade standard red for a lavender and switch that evergreen for a brighter citron.

Even if your home sways on the nautical side touches of deep pumpkin paired with a Christmas scene creates a holiday feel by the sea.

And of course, sometimes the most inspirational images for this holiday season are the simplest, because what could be more holiday than a family struggling to put up a Christmas tree! ~Gabrielle Katz

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