The Dream Downtown in NYC to Unveil Their Holiday Decor Tomorrow

I will be heading into New York City this week and one of my stops will be the Dream Downtown.  Tomorrow the hotel is set to unveil their holiday decor.  The theme will incorporate a heavily snowed in forest combined with inspiration from an Arctic habitat — creating a chic winter wonderland that is sure to delight guests.  Suspended icebergs from the pool will give visitors the feeling that the whole lobby is literally frozen in time.

The hotel enlisted the help of famed taxidermist Frank Zitz, who has worked with Ralph Lauren and others.  The display includes a snow leopard and a real polar bear.  A stuffed wolf greets guests and while sipping cocktails you’ll be transported to the Arctic with visions of snowy sugar plums dancing in your mind!  If you are in the city, stop by for a cocktail or even a stay at the hotel!
Enjoy! ~Melissa Hawks

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