The Well Appointed House Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Tis the season to be gifting, and instead of heading to the mall to fight to fight the crowds, The Well Appointed House has got you covered.  Here is our official Holiday Gift Guide for the 2012 season!
THE RECIPIENT: The newlyweds you still haven’t given a gift to…
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: Sure they got a little sku-gun crazy at that big department store some months back, but they’ll appreciate something personalized, especially if that something personalized gets sent to them with a bottle of bubbly. 

THE RECIPIENT: Your mother-in-law with a serious green thumb
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: This set has everything any gardner could dream of.  Tools, a beautiful, durable tote, towels, even seeds!  This is sure to score you some serious bonus points.
THE RECIPIENT: Your coworkers
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: It will brighten their mornings, and give the office some personality if everyone has their customized, colorful mug at their desk
THE RECIPIENT: Your on the go boss
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: She’ll appreciate a chic, colorful gift that she can actually use!
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: He spends his weekends tinkering around with his toys and this customized plaque shows you support his favorite hobby.  Plus, it makes that barren garage look a little better!
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: This gift is completely customizable, even down to the picture you choose to slip in before dad opens it.  A great addition to his man cave and a gift he’ll find sentimental and thoughtful.
THE RECIPIENT: Trend little sister
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: You’ve been agonizing what to get the picky little one, but this classic turquoise necklace on a gold chain goes with just about everything and will no doubt put a smile on her face.  Plus, for under $60 it won’t break the bank!
THE RECIPIENT: The hostess whose letting you spend the holidays at her home
WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT: Prepare your favorite holiday cake and present it to her in this beautiful cake platter… you’ll always get an invite back.

For more shopping ideas visit The Well Appointed House’s gift section! ~Gabrielle Katz

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