Bright Spots! New Lighting Fixtures At The Well Appointed House

Lighting can often be the part of your home decor that gets left for last, but it is also key in creating a cohesive space.  At The Well Appointed House, Melissa takes extra care in curating a selection of both current and classic lighting options.  Here are some of her newest recruits!

For those with more of an urban, contemporary space this silver floor lamp is ideal. The retractable light adds a vintage, quirky feel. 

This table lamp is understated but its intricacies are not lost.  With acrylic glass work along the base, it is perfect for a light and airy room in need of a structural element. 

Get your guests to look up!  These pendants and chandeliers are sure to make a statement in any space they hang from.  The above  adds a taste of modern glamour and sophistication.  

For those who want to add an element of fun and whimsy to their room, this industrial lighting fixture is a winner. Perfect for a kitchen, it would also look great in a pair. 

Your home is your palace so naturally this small Versailles chandelier is perfection.  Although very traditional, the bead work manages to keep this piece modern and chic without being overly fussy. 

The epitome of elegance, this Southampton chandelier features sweeping lines and creates a dramatic and elegant effect. Be sure to check out all our amazing lighting pieces here for some more decorative ideas!

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