OJ’s White Bronco Comes to Greenwich As Part of Nate Lowman’s Exhibit

I surprised to see O.J. Simpson’s famous White Bronco parked in front of the Brant Foundation in Greenwich last week.  The car skyrocketed to fame on June 17, 1994 when most of the world saw the white bronco speeding down Interstate 405 in Los Angeles with O.J. in the backseat and his friend A.C. Cowlings at the wheel.  It was the day that O.J. was going to turn himself in, but never showed up — and when officers approached the vehicle, Cowlings had yelled out that Simpson was in the backseat with a gun to his head.  About 20 police cars participated in the chase and soon, 20 helicopters were also in on it.  As the chase progressed, all major news networks and CNN interrupted regular programming with over 95 million viewers nationwide watching.  O.J. eventually turned himself in later that evening and the white bronco became notorious.

The car has become a symbol to most familiar with the case and is currently sitting outside of Peter Brant’s Art Study Center adjacent to his polo field in Greenwich, CT where I live as part of an art installation. (Peter Brant is an avid art collector, polo player and is married to Stephanie Seymour). I snapped this photo with my iPhone on an overcast day last week as I pondered the meaning of including the car and what it symbolizes in the exhibit.  I was there attending a viewing of Nate Lowman’s “I WANTED TO BE AN ARTIST BUT ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY CAREER” exhibit with the Bruce Museum’s Collectors Council that I participate in.  If you are interested in seeing Nate’s works or getting up close and personal with O.J.’s Bronco, visit the center at 941 North Street and if you don’t live close, you can take a peek at the exhibit here.  Click this link from Forbes.com for more information on the White Bronco and how it got there and tell us what you think!  Is this art?
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  1. Anonymous

    Having been beneficially informed and having enjoyed your stylish blog very much, I am at a loss to understand your purpose and choice for today’s blog entry: OJ Simpson’s White Bronco. If you were surprised to see it, I was stunned and disturbed to see it. What happened on a California highway was not performance art. And following the brutal, savage murder of two people, it was appalling to any and all who saw any part of it, and a major criminal offense endangering police and first responders and the public. I, for one, would like to have more insight about your decision and the point of this spectacle. I am confused and repelled, and, more than surprised to come across this entry on this blog, which has been such a pleasant greeting heretofore. Thank you for considering my commentary; I hope you might have a response for me and others who may have the same reaction as I. Sincerely, Daily Reader

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