Suburban Soul! Soul Cycle Comes to Greenwich!

The Soul Cycle “cardio party” has arrived to Greenwich, CT!  The studio is located at 266 Mason Street, right in the center of town and conveniently located close to the train station.  For those of you who are not familiar with Soul Cycle, it’s a full body workout that was the brain child of Julia Rice and Elizabeth Cutler – two women who together turned to indoor cycling to revolutionize exercise.  As with many success stories, the duo hatched their idea over lunch while living in New York City and their first SoulCycle opened on West 72nd Street.

The business quickly expanded to six locations in New York City and continued on with more studios in Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Scarsdale, Rosyln Heights, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Brentwood!  This full body workout has clearly taken the fitness world by storm.   I have friends who wake up early to reserve their spots on Soul Cycle bikes while summering in the Hamptons.  I have a friend here in Greenwich, who, until this week, would drive to the city or Scarsdale, NY for her classes.  Now that is major dedication!  There are definitely devotees and an almost cult-like following, so I had to find out what all the fuss was about.
I went Monday for my first experience at Soul Cycle Greenwich — sitting next to (of course) my Soul Cycle-addict-friend who thankfully coached me through the process.  She got me a gel seat, made sure my shoes were clipped in properly to the bike and gave me words of reassurance as I nearly collapsed during the workout!  Since it was my first time ever “spinning” on an exercise bike like this (that you clip into) – it was literally trial by fire.  It was a rigorous workout, I had to sit through part of it (I definitely need to build up my cardio endurance!) but an hour or so after the workout, I was feeling good.  During the class, the lights in the studio are low (so it is dark), the music loud and bikers ride to candlelight.  They truly create a “cardio sanctuary where riders come to clear their heads” and definitely sweat out whatever they are clearing in the process!
Aside from the a-m-a-z-i-n-g workout, and the SUPER nice staff waiting to help “newbies” like myself, Soul Cycle has quite a roster of instructors. The one who taught my first Soul Cycle class was Ryan Steinman.  He was a corporate litigator at a top 20 law firm in NYC and made a major career jump to become a SoulCycle instructor.  Something tells me that there will soon be a wait list for his class in Greenwich!  Here are some pics of Ryan from the SoulCycle blog:

See you at SoulCycle!
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