Happy Two Year Anniversary Will & Kate! And, Cheers to a Well Appointed Royal Nursery

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a lot more than a second wedding anniversary to celebrate today.  As they prepare for their royal bundle of joy, the two are reportedly having an intimate date night this evening — a far cry from the April 29th, 2011 affair where the whole world tuned in to watch the pair wed. 

The event was marked with not one but two breathtaking Alexander McQueens and two very sweet smooches!  A few world tours and countless apparences by the young couple (and her favorite LK Bennet nude heels) have brought us all to their two year mark and the public still can’t get enough.  Now poshly pregnant, the soon-to-be parents are going to have to make some major adjustments not just to their day-to-day but their home!  Lucky for them, at The Well Appointed House, we’ve got them covered.  Here are some picks fit for an heir. 
When baby Wales comes home, he or she can’t just sleep in any old crib (nor should yours for that matter!).  We just love this Lulla Smith Londonderry Silk Bassinet  for its romantic and classic look.  The sweeping skirt creates a dramatic statement and makes it perfect for any grand nursery. 
Instead of any old play-pen in the family room, we suggest a cradle that elevates a room’s decor-not diminishes it. This Verona hand-painted cradle has an old world, antique feel that is perfect for a traditional setting. 
When baby is finally ready to sleep in a big crib, there is really only one option: our Cherubini Crib. Ornately appointed with antique silver and gold moldings, this crib truly was made for a Prince or Princess.

We would suggest a classic monogrammed bedding set like our plush gingham set available in pink, blue, green and red-although something tells us this little one may have a few more initials than just three!
If mummy has anything to say about it, you know this tot is going to be styling and he or she can’t have their clothes just hanging in any old drawer.  The Versailles Grand Armoire coordinates with all the crib options above and is stately enough to grow with the child’s decor.  (The crib, cradle and armoire can all be custom painted to order).  A smart investment!
Should Kate need some direction on what to fill the armoire with, there is of course The Well Appointed House’s collection of personalized childrenswear

Of course there will be plenty of gifts to commemorate the birth of Wills and Kate’s baby joy, but this personalized porcelain limoge box is something he or she will always treasure!

And of course- the child will be born with a silver spoon in the mouth!
Everyone at The Well Appointed House wishes the royal couple all the best and we cannot wait for the safe delivery of a child who is sure to live one Well Appointed Life!
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