Life’s a Playground! Outdoor Fun for Kids

It is time to turn off the TV’s and iPads and open the playroom doors — and let the kids OUT!  Friendly Spring temperatures mean the little ones can get some much needed vitamin D and fun in the great outdoors. With whimsical toys and one of a kind pieces, The Well Appointed House is your one stop shop for everything you need to make your backyard this year’s hottest outdoor destination.

In our Children’s Shop you’ll find many treasures, small and large, but none just as impressive as this treehouse! Fit for a very well appointed back yard, this deluxe retreat features two stories and a balcony.  It’s whimsical facade adds a unique flair to any space and will keep your kiddies occupied for hours!
Another grand design for the outdoor space is this pirate ship in the sky.  Swing, slide, climb and ARRG to your hearts content.  Being landlocked has never been this fun.
Of course if you have slightly more traditional outside ambitions, this adorable and rustic playhouse is the kind they will remember fondly for years to come.
Now, who says that just because it’s made for kids means it has to be a decor eye-soar? There are so many stylish outdoor sets made for the mini-me!  This water resistant wood set comes with a chic stripe cushions and coordinating umbrellas.  They can recline poolside on the chaise or host a shady lunchtime picnic on their bench and table.
When dining outside complete the event with adorable and outdoor friendly melamine plates.
These plates are custom so you can personalize with your children’s names and with a fun selection available you are able pick one for each of your youngsters.
Of course, the ultimate warm weather activity is the beach and while the weather may be hinting at beach season, we’re not quite there yet.  Get them excited with fun and engaging sandboxes that the whole neighborhood can enjoy.  The above classic sandbox has ample enough room to host the whole block and is its teak, water resistant wood means that it’s appropriate for a more rural rather than seaside setting.
Of course, if the nautical theme is appropriate for your backyard, what’s better than challenging a child’s imagination in this fun pirate ship sandbox?  Incite some playground mutinies that will keep them having fun well past snack time. Check out our complete section of outdoor furniture and sandboxes for kids here!
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