Screenspiration: The Great Gatsby

“Gatsby? What Gatsby?” This season’s most stylish flick has hit theaters and Baz Luhrmann’s latest picture is a glittery tribute to one of America’s most famous pieces of fiction. The movie was a visual stunner and while the story line may be well known, what keeps the audience engaged is the thrilling, dramatic set design.

Set in what we know know as The Hamptons, they did a fantastic job contrasting the ostentatious Gatsby manor (above) with the traditional and established Buchanan residence (below).

I loved the Buchanan’s dining room.  The hand painted walls and all of the classic fixtures paired with the blinding chandelier.  It reminded me of Melissa Hawks’ dining room in Greenwich!

Photos from here and here!

Feeling inspired? We thought as much.  Get the Gatsby look for your home and instantly feel transported back in time.

Gatsby decor was all about gilded glamour and these two chairs have a whole lot of that.  Our Garbo chair features butterscotch embossed upholstery while the Veronica Club Chair below features a silver leaf finish.  Both work together in a cohesive way and are stand-alones by themselves.
I love this ceramic elephant accent table. It adds a worldly vibe and works in traditional and more contemporary spaces alike.
Another glittery piece worthy of the gilded area is this golden basket weave side table. Isn’t it, old sport?
This armoir could havee been ripped right from Gatsby’s bedroom.  A handsome piece, this cabinet is a stylish storage alternative that is certainly a scene stealer.
This Art Deco screen/ room divider can blast any space back to the roaring twenties in a fun yet sophisticated way.
What prohibition? These old fashion tumblers feature a 25 carrot gold lion motif and trim.  Worthy of Mr. Gatsby … and you of course.
Now, to shed some light on the subject.  The film was accented with gorgeous lighting pieces like this breathtaking Loulou chandelier in a subtle blush.
For a more contemporary, but equally dramatic piece, this gold and crystal pendant maintains its vintage feel while still appearing fresh and modern.  Visit The Well Appointed House for even more home decor inspiration and be sure to check out The Great Gatsby in 3-D!
~Gabrielle Katz
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