Summer Fun! Farm Stand for Kids

It’s midsummer, the garden has been growing for a few months and is now ready for harvest!  Gardening is a great summer activity for kids and I am sitting here with my friend’s daughter, Hannah, for an interview about her summer garden!  She and her sister, Aleksa, have been hard at work on the family farm.  Our old neighbors and very good friends, the girls are out from their current home in Malibu, CA for summer fun on their farm in Warwick, NY.  This year’s garden included tomatoes, hubbard and yellow squash, herbs (basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, dill, parsley), cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, green beans, hot peppers, strawberries and watermelon.  White roses and hydrangeas add fragrance to the garden.  The girls made a farm stand on the road with an impressive spread of home grown garden vegetables and fresh squeezed lemonade (with honey, not sugar, as a sweetener).  They spent six hours out manning the farm stand, neighbors and town residents came by to peruse their goods, the kids had a great time and all proceeds were donated to the Babies Heart Fund, where Aleksa was treated as an infant. What could be a better way to spend a summer day?  These are the memories they will remember into adulthood! What is growing in your garden this summer?

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Cows in Warwick, NY

Cows in Warwick, NY

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  1. Mary Lucky

    Melissa, thank you for such a beautiful article on Hannah& Aleksa & their garden & vegetable stand to raise money for the Heart Fund!

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