Behind the Scenes at Paris Fashion Week

I am in Paris for a few days for fashion week and enjoying some time with my husband and friends.   I am going to be attending a few shows.  We spent some time this afternoon at the Musee Rodin – which is gorgeous – enjoying sculptural works by Rodin. paintings by Renoir and Van Gogh and walking the gardens.  It is just spectactular.

As I peered out the 2nd floor windows, I snapped these photos of a spectacular runway set currently in developmemt on the back lawn of the Museum.  YSL?  Chanel?  Givenchy?  I am attending Givenchy Sunday night, but I still don’t have the location – so I could only hope!  In past years lines ranging from H&M, to YSL, to Tom Ford have shown their collections on the grounds of the Musee Rodin – so let’s see who is doing so this weekend!  One thing is for sure – the flowers cascading down the scaffolding are already mesmerizing!

Fashion week set - photo by Melissa Hawks

Fashion week set – photo by Melissa Hawks (This one was taken through the glass upstairs at the Musee Rodin)

Fashion Week Set photo by Melissa Hawks

Fashion Week Set photo by Melissa Hawks

What is your guess?  Which designer is it?

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