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Mommy friends… those of us with kids have all got them!  They are the women we meet once our little ones head off to nursery school, while we are all feeling a bit frazzled in the “baby boom” years of our lives.  Some of it seems rather foggy in my mind, since I had three babies in 36 months — but I have made some fabulous friends over the years.  One of mine, met through nursery school a few years ago when our daughter’s were three years old, is Nancy Parmet Cook.  She and I both had three children in a very short span of time.   Our group of mom friends all agreed that at times, we didn’t know if we were coming or going – juggling toddlers with newborns, feeling frazzled while trying to keep the house in order, feed our kids healthy foods, get them to school, have play dates — and try ourselves to get work done, get to the gym occasionally, maybe have a few quiet moments of peace, all without losing our keys, cell phones and credit cards.  Between handbags, work bags, gym bags, diaper bags, grocery “reusable” bags and maybe if you’re lucky – tennis bags,  it quickly became clear that locating the core elements (ID/credit cards, cell phone and perhaps a compact and lipstick) was nearly impossible when scrambling to get out of the door with three kids.   Enter Nancy, who started to feel that just the simple act of keeping the necessities together from bag to bag was impossible.  She got to work developing a small bag, just big enough for a smartphone, money  and credit cards and a few others “musts” like lip balm and a compact – and the Crave Simple bag was born.  Along with that, she partnered with her sister, Debbie Parmet Sondock, to develop a Crave Simple blog that brings together experts from various fields to share ideas on simplifying life and getting organized.


I am so excited that Nancy and Debbie are giving away one of their fabulous Crave Simple bags to one of our lucky blog followers!  We look forward to your comments below and here is what you need to do to enter!  Go to this URL and enter your email address and “like” their Facebook page: (GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED) – a name will be drawn and the winner announced on our blog by Thursday November 14, 2013.

The Crave Simple Bag Retails for $198

The Crave Simple Bag Retails for $198

Here’s what you need to know about the bag:

  • It is made of Pebbled lambskin
  • Yummy colors: Buff, Chocolate, Kelly, Navy, Ocean, Princess, Ruby, Tangerine, Violet
  • Dimensions: 8″(w) X 5″(l) X 2″(h)
  • Like your favorite pair of jeans, gets better with time!
  • Wrist strap, for hands free life moments
  • Great for travel. Fits your passport and all your essentials
  • Cotton fabric lining that will keep looking good
  • Unique organization labels make everything easy (cell, keys)
  • Front zip pocket (no digging for your cell)
  • Interior fabric credit card pocket

Good luck!  Post a comment below and let us know what you think of this giveaway!   Let us know how you Crave Simple, too!  Check out their website!  ~Melissa Hawks (AS NOTED ABOVE, THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED)



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    I love the bag. I travel every several weeks for my job. This would definitely come in handy to put all my extras .

  2. Cassandra Davis

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished!
    I love this bag for it’s style and convenience!
    Hopes up & fingers crossed!!

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