One Mirror Seven Ways! The Vero Lacquered Trellis Mirror

As most of you know, I run The Well Appointed House – and I spend most of my year selecting products to showcase on the site.  Though so many come across my desk, I can’t help but be partial to certain ones — and one of my favorite mirrors is the White Vero Lacquer mirror.  It is one of my most versatile and popular products, and I wanted to show you how it can be used in many different room settings.  It’s a great investment piece and as you move over the years, you can repurpose it in different room settings:

White Vero Lacquer Mirror from

White Vero Lacquer Mirror from


It had me at hello, and I actually bought one for myself – it currently resides in my pool house and I’ll have to share a photo at some point.  I also loved seeing it in Gwenyth Paltrow’s home .  She uses it here, note the lavender step stool for Apple.  This photo was in House and Garden a few years ago, when her kids were still little:


mirror bathroom

It looks great here in this taupe grey bathroom as well.  I like the contrast of the white against the painted wall.


In another bathroom – it always works!  The white lacquer does well with the countertops.


Here it is over a nightstand.  It’s amazing how versatile it is!

vero_1Over a sideboard.


It even works nicely sideways!  Below you can see it in a store over a wider sideboard.  Fabulous!  What do you think about the Vero mirror?


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